How do I track a ship on the map?

Here, the ship's radar can track and observe the ship's positions all over the world. Not only do you receive information about the different ship positions, but you are also provided with ship-specific details. A free offer that is especially fascinating for boat enthusiasts.

In order to be able to receive the transmitted data, API stations are required, which not only collect the data, but also convert it and subsequently pass it on to the various devices.

Of course, there are ships that can not be found on the map. If there is no API station nearby, the data can not be collected and thus not passed on. The advantage is that every user can support the project independently:

Simply install an API station at home so that the data can be collected and further processed. If you live in an area where ships are scarce, you can even request the API device for free.

Finally, the project lives on new stations, so that more data can be collected and processed further. Are you unsure if you get such a device for free, you should ask and try your luck.

Zahlreiche Informationen

Ship at seaThe data is collected and transmitted by an Automatic Identification System (AIS). Ships of a certain size must be equipped with such a device.

How are the data processed?

If you click on the ship icon, you will get more information. So you get a detailed statistic about the type, the destination, the national flag, the route and the speed.

In addition, you will find a large picture gallery with countless shots of the ship. Of course, the users themselves can upload pictures of the ship, so you are always supplied with the latest images of the ship.

The ship's radar works perfectly for inland waters - including lakes and rivers, so you will not only observe ships that are out in the sea. The ship radar guarantees a lot of information and details, so you can not be bored!

Nutze den Transponder für dein eigenes Schiff

Cargo ship is loadedIf you own your own yacht and you want it for 24 hours displayed on a ship's radar You must also take precautions and install a corresponding AIS transponder on the ship.

The size of your yacht does not matter - a cheap device is sufficient if the yacht does not have to be equipped by law with a transponder.

In addition to the transponder alternatives are available to you - such as the mAIS app. It is important that you enter here all statistical data correctly, so that your ship appears on the radar.

Ship friends will be thrilled

You not only want information about the route of the ship, but also details about the ship itself? Then you will be with the Ship Tracker be sure to be thrilled! Not only will you get information about the route, but you will also get details about the type, the current speed and information, whether the ship is on the move or in the harbor!